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Automatic Test Equipment(ATE)
Automatic Test Equipment(ATE)

The equipment for finding the failure part by testing the functions of objects to be maintained in the stage of depot/field maintenance

Station : Integrated platform for automatically-testing many kinds of maintenance objects

- HW : Composed by integrating commonly-used meters necessary for the generation/measurement of test signals of all sorts of interfaces

- SW : Performing tests and identifying the parts of failure in objects of maintenance by automatically controlling the integrated meters

TPS (Test Program Set)HW & SW that have been produced by reflecting the unique characteristics of equipment, so that each object of maintenance could be interlocked with station

Modularization & virtualization of control program

Change of test procedures into database

Common-use design between ATE products

  • Development of RDC test module(TPS) for field maintenance
    Performing the RDC automatic test by interlocking with LAH field-level Automatic Test Equipment(ATE)
    Development of test module(TPS) for LAH avionics parts(RDC)