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Surion(Korean Utility Helicopter)
  • DAU

    (Data Acquisition Unit)

    The equipment with core functions to collect/analyze/process aircraft information through discrete signals, analogue signals, and digital communication input from engine system, fuel system, power transmission system, hydraulic system, rotor system, landing gear, and flight control system of aircraft, to display the relevant information on display equipments such as aircraft warning system and integrated vehicle indicator, and also to provide the relevant information to necessary equipments such as mission computer
    RS-422 serial communication connection with Integrated Vehicle Indicator(IVI)
    MIL-STD-1553B serial communication connection with Mission Computer(MC)
    Analogue/discrete/DVI/ARINC-429 signal connection
    Checking the matter of abnormality in real time through Vehicle-In Test(VIT)
    Application & operation of redundancy design
    Natural environment MIL-STD-810F
    Electromagnetic compatibility MIL-STD-461F