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  • HUMS

    (Health and Usage Monitoring System)

    Integrated system of Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder(CVFDR) for monitoring the state of aircraft and providing data for analysis/diagnosis/prediction of failure
    Monitoring the state of transmission : Improvement of diagnosis accuracy and minimization of diagnosis hours through simultaneous monitoring using the distributed structure and monitoring of transmission integrity using the Confition Indicator(CI) calculated based on vibration data collected from accelerometer sensor
    RTB (Rotor Track and Balance) : Suggesting the optimum RTB control value for the control of airframe vibration to the level below defined by users by acquiring horizontal vibration & blade track information
    Monitoring airframe vibration : Monitoring the airframe vibration level by collecting the horizontal/vertical vibration data from accelerometer sensor installed beneath pilot seat
    Monitoring the aircraft operation information : Provision of information about all sorts of flights & accumulated hours/times of operation
    Monitoring excess items of aircraft : By monitoring the collected flight data in real time in accordance with 58 defined excess items, the relevant information is provided to the pilot.
    Monitoring flight data : Collecting flight data for more than 2,000 and providing information, by inputting digital communication(MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC-429), frequency, analogue, and discrete from 19 systems.
    Ground operation equipment : The information about aircraft state and operation is provided in the form of graph, table, chart, and CSV, which could be utilized for diagnosing the aircraft state and exploring failures.
    CVFDR : The flight data for more than 2,000 collected from maximum four voice channels and ARINC-717 interface, is saved in memory(Meeting ED-112A) that could conserve the recorded flight data even under extreme environment conditions, and then utilized for analyzing causes for accidents afterwards.
    Natural environment : MIL-STD-810G compatible
    Electromagnetic environment : MIL-STD-461F compatible