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Aviosys Technologies presents the vision for the development of aircraft key equipment!

We would like to sincerely express our gratitude to everyone who always gives interest and support to Aviosys Technologies.

Since the foundation, Aviosys has been pushing forward aviation industry technology and knowledge integration forward with undefeatable challenging mindset, promoting aircraft component development and production, and has prepared the groundwork in order to leap into becoming a global company.

While the excellence and effectiveness of the performance was verified by the domestic development and strategy of important key equipment for aircrafts such as HUMS, DAU, IVI, and other equipment, Aviosys Technologies was acknowledged in terms of technology from customers due to the success in Korean Utility Helicopter (KUH) business.

Additionally, Aviosys Technologies participates in Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) business, Light Civil Helicopter (LCH) business, and Korean Fighter (KF-X) business. Moreover, Aviosys Technologies also actively seeks the business expansion by entering into the new business such as MRO and performance improvement and modification based on technology accumulated until now

In order to become the world best company in the aviation industry, Aviosys Technologies is settling dynamic corporate culture with "challenge and creativeness" mindset.

Also in the future, Aviosys Technologies will always try to change for quick response to the rapidly changing environment.

We ask for your unchanging interest and kind support.

Thank You.

Aviosys Technologies Co., Ltd

CEO Dong-woo Roh